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The concept of Do! aqua products is fun-to-use & easy-to-understand; they are carefully designed to encourage the planted aquarium starters to understand how to use them and why they are used.
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44_Gazoa Nature Aquarium Book 2009

Nature Aquarium book 2009 (140 Pages in A4 Size), a general catalog of the latest Nature aquarium products is available now. You can order your personal copy from our online store, or aquarium stores near you. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Based on ADA’s primary concept of nature Aquarium, "Learning from nature," it introduces our development concept of the major products and process of creating a layout with easy-to-understand definition. In the Product section, a complete line-up of Nature Aquarium goods is presented with pictures and description.
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Lighting System

Take a Look Around In Nature.

“Take a look around, then you will find an idea in nature.”; the development of the lighting systems for aquarium was, indeed, a proof of this account. Light has thress component colors: red, green and blue.

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CO2 System

Laying a Path to a New Age

In the history of Aquarium Industry, there were some epoch-making events. One of such events is the introduction of the all-glass aquarium product. ADA Pollen Glass-CO2 diffuser is the first model of such products.

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Filtration System

Decide The Priority.

ADA has valuable knowledge accumulated from our vast amount of experience in the area of aquarium layout.

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Aquarium Tank

A New Standard Created by Persistence

“Anything blocking the aquascape is unnecessary.”

This is our ideal image of aquarium tank, because the Nature Aquarium layout is a piece of living where an ecosystem inhabits, and its beautiful aquascape decorated by colorful aquatic plants is expanding infinitely in your imagination.

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Substrate System

Creating a Live Substrate

What are the conditions for nurturing water plants well ? We think it is necessary to create an environment close to the ecosystem of our Mother Nature in the substrate system.

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