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ADA products were born from actual hands-on experience with Nature Aquarium. “ADA-ism” is a reflection of our passion for product originality and has been proven through our product designs and high quality standard. For this reason, every single ADA product is a masterpiece that we proudly deliver to all of our loyal customers. With our 20th Anniversary, we are extremely excited to announce the release of “Anniversary Premium Goods,” as part of the celebration.

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New Release – Cube Garden W30xD18xH24 (cm)

June 14th, 2012 by admin
W30 Tank

Cube Garden W30xD18xH24m (cm) is newly added to Cube Garden series! The size is a perfect fit for ADA’s new LED lighting system, AQUASKY (for aquarium W30cm).

This small size tank is easily set up with AQUASKY which is specifically designed for the healthy growth of aquatic plants. You will enjoy making a small size planted aquarium layout.
*Cube Garden W31xD18xH24 (cm) will be discontinued after the limited number of stock is sold out.

Cube Glass W30xD18xH24 (cm) is also introduced to Do!aqua Cube Glass series. The product is compatible with AQUASKY (for aquarium W30cm).
*Cube Glass W31xD18x24 (cm) became discontinued.

For more information regarding ADA aquarium tanks, please contact your local distributor.

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“NEW” LED Lighting System, AQUASKY will be available!

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AQUASKY is a LED lighting system specifically designed for aquatic plant layouts in nano-size aquariums. Whereas this product provides enough light intensity for plant growth, it requires less power consumption improving cost performance. The slim lighting unit has a high radiation performance and its clear stand provides an open feeling to the top of the aquarium.Light housing unit size: W280mm x D68mm x H9mm
Clear stand size: W300mm x D100mm x H95mm (for aquarium 30cm in width) / W360mm x D100 x H95mm (for aquarium 36cm in width) Clear stand size: W300mm x D100mm x H95mm (for aquarium 30cm in width) / W360mm x D100 x H95mm (for aquarium 36cm in width)

This product is compatible with Cube Garden / Cube Glass 30cm in width or 36cm (or with frameless aquarium tank of the size).Product specification
Input voltage: AC100 – 240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 17W
Current consumption: 0.4A
Color temperature: 7,000K – 8,000K
LED: 0.4W/each x 30

Coming in June

*Photo is for image only. This product has a power supply cord on the side.

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[ADA view #164] Temporal change of aquarium in NA Gallery-27th week

April 8th, 2012 by admin
ADA view

Information communication for Nature Aquarium, [ADA view], will distribute latest situation of NA Gallery or usage of ADA product by web movie. ADA distribute not only information movie through YouTube, but real time distribution of making layout by Takashi Amano through USTREAM. Moreover, the information of ADA view and latest information are delivered byTwitter and Facebook.

This time, we introduce the temporal change of?27th week?aquascape that is made during NA seminar in Sep 2011.

ADA view 164 (Temporal change of aquarium in NA Gallery)

Here is the previous temporal change
ADA view_vol.158:

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INTERZOO 2012 Participation by ADA Deutschland

April 8th, 2012 by admin

INTERZOO 2012 Participation by ADA Deutschland

Aqua Design Amano Deutschland GmbH (Berne, Germany, Managing Director:Jörg Buhlmann) participate INTERZOO 2012, the world’s largest pet industry fair for professionals, which is taken place in Nuremberg from May 17 to 20 at Nürnberg Messe. The company (ADA Deutschland) has just acquired distribution rights of ADA Nature Aquarium Goods/Do!aqua product in European countries in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and Denmark. The participation to INTERZOO 2012 is the first and the most important step for the ADA Deutschland to further develop the retailer network in above mentioned countries. The booth is located in Hall 10, stand 10-115.

ADA Deutschland will make a presentation of the world of Nature Aquarium aquascapes, and welcomes the trade visitors including existing customers, and dealers interested in the Nature Aquarium.
Nature Aquarium style layouts, created by Mr. Adrie Baumann and Mr. Jurijs Jusjajevs are also going to be displayed at the stand.  The exhibition stand will be produced under supervision of Mr. Jörg Buhlmann, managing director and owner of ADA Deutschland.


For further inquiries, please make a contact with ADA Deutschland,

Aqua Design Amano Deutschland GmbH
Deichstr. 189, 27804 Berne-Motzen, GERMANY


Sales and Marketing
TEL: +49 (0) 1522 2578750

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